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Illustration for Women's Aid


Women's Aid


October 2023

This brief for this painting was that it should be uplifting and depicts women, it was important that it was multi-cultural, all-inclusive and gave hope.

The story for this image evolved as it progressed, some of the characters stayed the same all the way through the design process and some of them completely changed. I wanted to convey and image that women feeling safe, confident, brave enough to wear flowers in their hair, bright colours and lipstick.
I wanted to show young women with babies, older Mums with small children, elder women who have advice, help and support to give. I have created women in this image that look like they would give you the biggest smile and welcome you with open arms.

A celebration of women!

This A3 image was scanned at 1200 dpi and is suitable for many prodcuts which I hope will be published in the near future to raise funds for this worthwhile and important women’s charity.

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