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Wedding Portrait

I was inspired to paint this wedding portrait as my friend is looking so radiant on her wedding day. They look like a strong husband and wife team and I just love the way she is leaning into him.

It is painted with traditional Japanese water colours on A4 cold pressed water colour paper and is a gift for a dear school friend of mine who now lives in Australia.

Seeing her photos on Facebook brought back so many lovely memories of when we were in school together and the adventures we used to get up to!

Her handknitted shawl brought back memories of us in primary school.

We each brought wool into class for knitting lessons, Jess brought a beautiful mustard coloured ball of wool, I remembered this vividly when I saw the colours in her wedding shawl.

I don’t remember what colour wool I brought in to class, what we made and I still can’t knit!

Congratulations Jess & Mark!


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