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A children's story about trusting your instincts and sticking together.



Squirrel and Owl

met for tea

in a beautiful tall oak tree.


They shared nuts

and bugs

and sweet chestnut stew

and honey from their favourite bees.


Squirrel and owl

saw the fox on the prowl

Who spotted them sitting up high.


She beckoned them down

with the promise of cake

with a little glint in her eye!


"Come to my den"

the foxy fox said

"I have fruit cake and pine needle tea"


"Come down I beg you,

I get rather sad

I'm in need of some good company"



Squirrel and Owl were tempted you see,

they were tempted by cake

and tempted by tea,

but most of all their naivety made them feel sorry

for Mrs Foxy.


"Sorry Mrs Fox"

Squirrel and Owl called

"But I don't think it's a very good idea.


what you offer sounds pretty good,

we are mostly filled with fear!"



I see you've declined

this offer of mine"

said Madam Fox looking up from the ground.



said the squirrel


said the owl

"and we're not coming down while

you're still around!"


"Fair enough,"

said foxy

as she trotted away

through the crisp autumn leaves

"I will see who else I can invite back to mine

so I can

eat them up for tea!"


 ©Lynne D Jones


You can find sketches and older edits of this story on my blog.

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