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A Cuppa with my Nan and The Christmas Post

Have you ever had a Christmas card in November?


Many years ago my lovely Nan used to send birthday and Christmas cards on the 1st of every month, even if your birthday was on the 31st you would still get your card in the first half of the first week of that month.

She was an avid letter writer, card sender and an all-round awesome Nan.


I think of her when I am writing cards and I wonder what she would make of the world these days.

Here is a likeness I made of her a few years back, she would smile quite a lot but quite often you could see that she was deep in thought.



I think it was her that inspired me to write, she wrote to the newspapers about the state of the towns or how the Prime Minister can do a better job, that sort of thing. She wrote to me a lot when I was a child, and I wrote back.


My own writing turned into something creative, resulting in poetry, or sometimes it is short stories like this which are lovely for blog posts.


She inspired me to send cards, to make cards and to design cards.

I have sold hundreds of my own designs on cards and although people don’t really send as many cards as they used to there are still enough people buying them to keep artists and designers like me afloat.


Here is one of my best-selling Christmas cards this year, it is Welsh themed and shows a Welsh girl decorating a dragon topped tree outside in her garden.


For the non-Welsh speakers, ‘Nadolig Llawen’ means Happy Christmas in Welsh language.


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