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Disco Dancing Echo, a story for children.

This is a story for children about a dog called Echo.

She is at a party with all her friends, it made me smile to think of the cats and dogs dancing together to the music.

When I was little, my favourite party dance was the ‘Okie Cokie’ which we loved as kids, especially at the birthday parties my Aunty held for my cousins!

The best bit about writing this poem was imagining the movements the cats made when they danced.

This children's story, has been read to KS 1, 2 & 3 here in Buckinghamshire schools, the children particularly love the part

‘Sometimes they fell over...But always landed on their’…and if I pause right there they all shout…’FEET’ really loudly!

Watch this space to see this poem come to life as an illustrated children’s picture book featuring dancing cats and dogs!

Disco Dancing Echo

Shiny shoes on little paws,

Silver bells on her tail,

The music was heard from far and wide,

And the cats began to wail.

All her friends and family,

Liked to have a dance,

Echo likes to strut her stuff,

And the cats they like to prance.

She moved her head and shoulders,

To the music that was loud,

She boogied and woogied and danced and danced,

Amongst the animal crowd.

The cats wore furry collars,

They moved quickly with the beat,

Sometimes they fell over,

But always landed on their feet!

Echo did the Okey Cokey,

She liked this one the best,

Then very shortly afterwards,

She thought she’d have a rest.

Finding a quiet corner,

She went to rest her head,

Then waking up from her dreams,

She found herself in bed!

In the distant night,

She was still sure she could hear,

The thumping of the music,

In the night so very clear.


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