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Leopard on the jungle path

There is a big cat on the jungle path,

heading towards the water tower

where she likes to go.

She moves slowly,


quieter than when we tiptoe

quieter than when we go slow

quieter than when we play sleeping lions


Let the leopard go about her rounds

let her slink in the darkness in the places that she knows

while we slip into sleep

in the safety of our homes.

Image and words by © Lynne D Jones

This image and poem was inspired by a very special place I visited in India last year.

There was indeed a young female leopard that the CCTV cameras picked up on most evenings. the place the leopard visited most seemed to be the water tower, visitors were not recommended to visit this place.

I noticed that throughout the jungle, along the paths there were leopard alarms fixed to tree's and water pumps, the alarms consisted of a large metal cooking oil tin and a heavy stick.

If you see a leopard you should bang the tin loudly and frighten the leopard away and to get the guards attention.

Luckily the clever cat stays away from visitors and from the jungle paths.

Who knows why she visits the water tower? Maybe she is thirsty.

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1 Comment

I love this Lynne ! Yes the leopard. It must have seen us so many times, right ?

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