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Tarot illustration 'the Fool'

This illustration is my depiction of the tarot card 'The Fool' which is card zero, number naught. 0. The start. The beginning of the journey.

Precariously she teeters on the edge of the cliff.

This flame haired character balances, arms outstretched, eyes closed.

The cliff is slightly unstable, small rocks and earth fall away where the weight of her feet are, she really should move away from the edge.

She wears what I can only describe as a pink full length leotard and green soft shoes which clash beautifully with the rest of her look.

Her clothes are not really fit for an adventure, she hasn't even tied her hair back in anticipation of it getting in her way or caught on something.

Does she care?

No. She does not.

Her cross body bag only holds space for a few essentials, you know, lipstick, keys, phone, purse, no where near enough for a new adventure.

And still she teeters on the cliff top, not wanting to look at where she is heading...

She awaits a new start, throwing caution to the wind.

Her thoughts are a breath of fresh air untainted by common sense.

She is literally living on the edge, about to embark on a 'leap of faith' and doesn't look worried at all.

Will she jump?

Where is she headed?

Is this a good idea?

Only The Fool can tell you once she has taken her leap of faith.




Words and pictures copyright Lynne D Jones Art

This image is available for licensing and can be found here.


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